Project 2025

Project 2025

We have two very tangible long term goals.

-12 Local High Schools offering lacrosse as a JV and Varsity Sport

-36 Local Elementary Schools integrating US Lacrosse Soft Stick Program in their PE Programs

The sustainability of the sport in our area depends on it.

Join us in making this a reality.

Together we can win for our sport.

Breaking down the play – x’s and o’s in 2018:

  1. Assisting parents and students in the development of twelve local high school boys and girls Varsity and JV programs. The express purpose of this goal is to increase local play and decrease travel and expenses for schools and families. Currently, there are 6 boys and 7 girl programs, so our goal is to double the number of high school programs.
  2. Introduce lacrosse to 36 elementary schools and 3,000 3rd-5th grade boys and girls using the US Lacrosse PE Soft Stick program. By developing younger players in the feeder schools of the targeted 12 schools will increase involvement, skills, and enjoyment of the game. Exposure will increase the demand for school teams at the Middle and High School levels.

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