Spring Rec Team Formation Contact Information

Spring Rec Team Formation Contact Information

10 step Check list for getting started: Connect, Learn, &Team Formation

You got this Charleston!

  1. Find lacrosse leaders in your area that are ready to assist you. Learn about the importance of Project 2025.

  2. Contact Us now so we can help

  3. Find a practice location – 3 practices per week. The City of Charleston registrants will be guaranteed access to city fields for the spring rec lacrosse league.

  4. Pre register your players through Jan 1. Register with the city Jan2-30. Contact us and we will assist you making sure all of your players enter as a neighborhood, or school unit. The best way is to unify through a coaches name.

  5. Find two Coaches per team – certification training offered each January/February prior to the Rec season start. USL lacrosse members can watch the online videos in advance of the class all year around. Cusabo covers he coaches annual membership costs if they volunteer as a rec coach and receive the USL Level 1 Coach certification.

  6. Obtain equipment. We can help. See our Team Store for purchases & rentals.  We assist Cusabo affiliate teams with USL grant writing and requests for First Stick. Affiliation is critical and your player’s membership is also important to get USL’s full commitment to our efforts (see #10).

  7. Obtain drills and practice plans from Cusabo and US Lacrosse. See Coaches Tab on Learn It.

  8. Recruit the players. Print off our flyers and get them in the hands of classmates and parents in the carpool line. In our league, Grades 1-5 play 7-v-7, so 12 players max per team. Grades 6-8 play 10-v-10, so 18-20 players max per team. Before you run a bunch of copies write special notes like your cell number or message like “First meeting at xyz location, date and time”. Just a helpful thought.

  9. Use our Learn It resources to guide you through everything. We are here to help!

  10. Join US Lacrosse. Membership benefits include injury coverage of out of pocket deductible, repaired windows when throwing catch at your neighbors house, endless resources for coaches (free background checks, positive coach alliance training (USL coaches certifications covered by Cusabo), resources for parents and players, a monthly magazine subscription. USL supports Cusabo BIG TIME and we need all of our players and coaches registered.