Wall Ball and Drills on your own

Wall Ball and Drills on your own

Wall Ball will give you the skills. Learn the methods to get great fundamentals. 

Develop your 12 Hands of Lacrosse!

Wall Ball is where it is at...Be a student of the game and the fundamentals.

It comes from the inside. Self discipline, drive, and knowing how to practice your stick skills will get you to a new place on the field. Take on the “Wall Ball Challenge”. Watch the videos, Work the Wall and fill out your practice log that you can download from this page.


Drills on your own:

Wall Ball Routine – do this 3-4 times per week


Time and Room Shooting – 30 left and 30 right


Dodging/Scoring from x


Partner work – feeding, rocker step, inside roll


Notre Dame Agility Drills


Ground balls – you can do this with partner or off a wall


More on Wall Ball:

Wall Ball Practice Log