Cusabo Nation – Values

Cusabo Nation – Values

Every player will earn the Three Feathers

Once a player demonstrates an understanding of the values of Cusabo, they are awarded the three feathers.

The three feathers embodies our vision to Learn It, Live It, and Give It.


Earn the three feathers – Dedication, Teamwork, & Fun

As a parent led, nonprofit that is focused to bring more than just quality lacrosse to the Charleston area, we believe in our youth and our community.

Our children are our future leaders. We model and honor the values of DEDICATION, TEAMWORK, & FUN.

Learn It  – Dedication

Dedication is commitment to your game and to the each member of your team.

Physical fitness, effort, and the steady practice and awareness of the fundamentals are the building blocks to being a great player.

Learn It so that you can Live It.

Live It – Teamwork

Teamwork is trusting yourself and your teammates.

It is the confidence in your own abilities.

You know that you are doing your best, and you trust that your teammates are playing their best too.

Live It to so that you can Give It.

Give It – Fun

Having a great time, exuding a high level of positive energy and a love of the game is Fun.

Respecting the game, the referees, your team mates and your coaches is fundamental to fun.

Giving thanksgiving to your parents and family is the greatest of all Giving.

Give your best self to others. Now that is fun.


The Three Feathers in Action

Learn more about our Story, our life changing action with Cusabo Scholars, and our Community Vision with Project 2025 .

You will begin to see how Cusabo Nation Lacrosse is a collective of like minded parents, players, and coaches that want to make a real difference.

As a community nonprofit we welcome all to assist in our organization.

Join us. Together we will Learn It, Live It, and Give It to our community.

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