Cusabo Scholar Giving Tree

Cusabo Scholar Giving Tree


Cusabo Giving Tree – Sponsor a player >

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our Virtual Giving Tree.

Santa’s Helpers will be busy to make Christmas incredible for our Cusabo Scholars.

This year the list is long, but if everyone does a little we will together do a lot!

Review the list and sponsor a player in the linked Giving Tree Google Doc.



BOYS TEAM STORE (code: cusabo) 

Suggested Sticks: Evo Warp Next – ATK or Evo Warp JR 40″

Suggested Helmets: Burn EVO Helmet or a Custom EVO Next Helmet

GIRLS TEAM STORE (code: cusabo)

Suggested Sticks: Dynasty II Complete Shaft or a Brine Warp Jr – Complete

Suggested Goggles: Vantage II Goggles

ALL ITEMS (code: cusabo)


10% of all sales goes to our cause.