Summer Travel

Summer Travel


Summer Travel

Fun (noun) \ˈfən 1: face the competition to become your best self, be a teammate, and have fun. It is the summer.

Tournament Teams are formed by graduation years.

Cusabo Tournament Play

Grades 3-7

Team Coastal Tournament Play

Grades 8-12

Tournament Philosophy, and Experience:

Everyone has an opportunity to improve their game. Tournament play is an action packed approached. Typical tournament weekends have 3-4 games for each Saturday and Sunday. The game is played with a running clock and is completed start to finish in 55 minutes, including a ten minute half time.

Tournament play is competitive. Teams carry 18-20 players and our plan is that all players get significant playing time. There are games where play is not balanced, but over the course of the tournament play of 6-7 games our coaches balance the play.

Cusabo Teams (CNL)

Grades 3-7

CNL offers tournament play each November and June at the Palmetto Classic Tournament in Ravenel, SC. We supply the uniforms and work very hard to get the costs down so that it is not a barrier to participate. If parents and players desire to go to additional tournaments we will consider and work together to make this happen.

Team Coastal

Grades 8-12

Team Coastal is an independent Lacrosse Club and is a Cusabo Nation Lacrosse partner. The Team Coastal offering is for competitive Middle School and High School Teams.

Learn more below by going to the Team Coastal website at

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