Our Why



We Face-off for Equal Access & Local Play

“Youth sports has become a pay-to-play machine. In short, the American system of youth sports —serving the talented, and often rich, individual at the expense of the collective— has taken a metal bat to the values of participation and universal development.”

– Derek Thompson, The Atlantic – “American Meritocracy Is Killing Youth Sports.

We Level the Playing Field – Facing the dilemma of the “Business” of Youth Sports with an open mind

Youth sports is big business and Lacrosse is not an exception. Thompson eloquently pinpoints a national dilemma in youth sports.

He demonstrates that income disparity has an unintended effect on our communities, access, and quality of play in his recently published online article Atlantic, “American Meritocracy Is Killing Youth Sports.

Thompson’s premise is at a minimum thought provoking.

One conclusion is that travel tournaments and elite teams do not have a purpose and are bad? Do we believe this? No, of course not.  Many of our children play travel tournament ball and love the competition. They enjoy the teamwork, the struggle, and the fun of the hotel trip. But to Thompson’s article, it does come at a cost.

As adults and parents not only are we in a position to see the dilemma, we also can do something about it. We want everyone in our community that has the love and the passion for the game of lacrosse to have the access and the opportunity to play. We believe that competitive local recreation league play, access to free clinics, and local tournaments are critical to the success of the Charleston Lacrosse community and the quality of the play. Our work demonstrates our action toward the solution. The organizational goals of Project 2025, our Play Local grassroots initiative, the City Spring Rec and club teams, our free Pathfinder Clinics, our equipment donation program, and Team Store are all elements available to our community that will make a meaningful difference.

Why, We Do  

“We are a community of coaches and players that love the game of lacrosse.

We want to give back and share with those that would not otherwise have access.”

We remember the hard work and dedication to the fundamentals and skills of the game, the struggles of teamwork, and the fun of success. We look to carry on the positive lessons that we have learned from sports.

What, We Do 

We Teach Our Values and the Fundamentals of Lacrosse

As a parent led, nonprofit that is focused to bring more than just quality lacrosse to the Charleston area, we believe in our youth and our community.

Our children are our future leaders. We model and honor the values of



How, We Do

We Live It  

For us, it is about Equal Access. We teach the game to all, lower the cost barriers, and support our players where they need it most.

The list of actions are expansive, but here are our top components we deliver to our community:

  1. We run Cusabo Scholars to mentor players in after school co-curricular learning program.
  2. We provide free clinics throughout the year to expand the game through our Pathfinders “Learn to Lax” Program.
  3. We connect local lacrosse leaders and coaches with local players to form teams and play in the City of Charleston Lacrosse Spring Rec Lacrosse league.
  4.  We fundraise directly to our community so that Youth Players can have access to Play Locally and on Tournament Teams.
  5. We provide Summer Camp opportunities for players that would not otherwise have access.
  6. We align Corporate and Community sponsors to local teams so that they cab compete regionally and nationally.
  7. We coach with passion and love for the game, the players and our community. Meet our Coaches and Meet our Board.



Over time we expect we will see several amazing things:

  1. Many of our children that would not otherwise have the opportunity will go to college, and if they desire to play college sports, lacrosse will be an option.
  2. Our children will grow up to be great team mates and community problem solvers. They will be dedicated to their families and their friends.
  3. Lacrosse will become a part of our community and will be seen as a positive space that assisted in changing the trajectory of the lives of players, coaches, and parents.

What Can You Do?

Support Local Play and  Join Us in our Community Vision to Learn It, Live It, and Give It.