Give It

Give It

Support Our Mission

 Parent Led

Non Profit, 501(c)(3)


Logan Janik

Memorial Fund


Funds 10 Cusabo Scholars for

one month of after school mentoring.


Funds a team with beginner

Lacrosse equipment.


Funds 3 months of  

Scholar Transportation.


Sponsors a tournament

team registration.


Buys 4

Lacrosse sticks.


Sponsors a Rec Team

with jersey Logo.


Enrolls 5 Rec League Players.


Makes a difference!

$urpise Us!

Any amount makes a difference!


Donating, Volunteering, or Sponsoring for Cusabo will make a long term difference in Charleston. Our youth are our future leaders. Our belief is that by teaching the values of Dedication, Teamwork, and Fun through the game of Lacrosse our children will Learn It, Live It, and Give It back to the Charleston Community in the years to come.

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proceeds support our cause.

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Select Cusabo Nation Lacrosse Charleston, SC 

and watch the donation dollars build.

0.5% of your purchases to our cause!

We accept used lacrosse equipment &

rent to beginners.

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